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  • ISM-CB Program
    Supply Chain Managers Panel Discussion and Q&A
  • October 9, 2018
  • Applebee's in Kennewick
    5:30 p.m. no- host dinner
  • Non-members are welcome
  • Please RSVP ; rsvp@ismcb.org
Supply Chain Managers Panel Discussion and Q&A

Moderator John Robinson, CH2M Hill Plateau Remediation Company Supply Chain Director, will lead a management panel discussion about the skills, abilities, experience and education they value in professional resources. The panel discussion will involve questions dealing with the supervising, hiring, and promoting of supply chain professionals. The goal will be to identify attributes that differentiate a great employee or lead to a highly marketable career. We often ask ourselves what education or training will enhance our contributions and make us a more valuable resource to an organization.

The panel will include managers of supply chain from various industries who will discuss questions from the moderator and the audience. The panelists include Jose Legarreta Supply Chain Director at Washington River Protection Solutions, Sarah Brooks Director of Purchasing and Materials Management at Columbia Basin Community College, and Bryan Tinnin Procurement Manager at Boise Paper.

People start gathering around 5:30 p.m. The Program will start at 6:00 p.m. and end at 7:00 p.m. Dinner is paid on your own - order from the menu. October 9, 2018  - 5:30-7 p.m. Applebee’s Kennewick
No charge to attend, invite your interested colleagues to join us. RSVP@ismcb.org

Kyle Root
ISM Columbia Basin President

Taking Supply Chain Management to the Next Level
IMO:  Mike Taylor

I was recently asked to talk about taking supply chain management to the next level. Continuity, sustainability and environmental considerations are certainly hot topics for those organizations with long world-wide supply chains. But I think there are also next-level opportunities for all of us in much closer to home in MRO procurement and indirect spend.

Since the growth of the internet and cost-effective software solutions, we have been inundated with products to help wring every penny out of supplier pricing with better solicitation and cost analysis tools. And they have. We can analyze previous purchases, compare prices and track MRO costs much better than we ever could before computers and the internet. That’s been a good thing, but in my opinion it’s time to expand our focus beyond just the price savings.

Sure, buying from the right vendor at the right price is important; we can’t lose sight of that goal. However, with improved automation and AI tools, we can do better. Consider the overall internal costs to obtain indirect and MRO items and services. The time and effort involved not only for supply chain managers, but internal customers and other administrative organizations. Instead of saving a penny on the price, I think organizations can realize additional savings by reducing internal cycle times, cutting transaction costs and improving internal customer processes.

Artificial intelligence and automation are making huge inroads in consumer marketing. Retailers are innovating at warp speed to try and lure and retain consumers. AI, automation and cloud-based data are making it easier and quicker for people to order online. If we are seeking ways to innovate our supply chain processes, we only need to look as far as our last online shopping experience.

As a preview of what could be available, think about the shopping experience of consumers at online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Costco, etc. When a consumer logs in to the web site, the seller displays previous purchases, recommended products, current- order status, alternative products, special offers, etc. all customized to the specific shopper. This “guided shopping experience” can be a little annoying – although it can also be a big timesaver if you are not sure what to order. Who doesn’t appreciate one-click reordering of commonly used items? How much savings and improved performance could a company realize if a maintenance manager could reorder commonly used supplies with only one click?

Could the price be a few cents higher? Maybe, but consider the total cost of acquisition – not just the price.

An example: Big grocery outlets are offering online shopping. Buy your groceries and then just drive up to the pickup line and they will be loaded into your car. No need to get out, traipse through the store and wait in a check-out line. Sure the stores might have raised overall prices by a few cents, but I know several families who love it. For a busy person, or families that have to shop with small children, saving the extra hour and reducing stress more than makes up for the few dollars extra it might cost.

Another example: Vendor managed inventories and in-house MRO vending machines have been supply chain options for many years now. For one company that implemented several MRO vending machines for common maintenance needs (duct tape, Loctite, gloves, etc.) I was told the big savings realized was in reducing the ‘tool-box inventories’ and improving the acquisition experience for users. The maintenance folk became the champions for the new machines – not just procurement.

Back to my point:

Online shopping tools powered by automation, AI and software innovations are making huge improvements in consumer online markets. I think it’s time we started asking sellers for similar innovation and improvements in our supply chain procurement processes.

Example: Amazon is moving in this direction with Amazon Business. Helping organizations reduce processing costs while still complying with “well-formulated procedures”.

How could this technology be implemented to reduce internal costs associated with ordering MRO items? Here are a few examples extrapolated from what is already in use by consumers:

  1. Our maintenance manager uses consistent maintenance supplies. His online portal already knows most commonly used items based on that person’s organization, previous ordering history, product model numbers and/or purchase order items list. Lower prices beyond a certain percentage are made visible before the order is finalized.
  2. Expendable products which are reused regularly can be re-ordered with just a simple command. Voice activated? [e.g. “alexa, order a filter set for the 2323 building]
  3. Duplicate orders, orders for non-standard items or orders that ‘appear to be a mistake” will be flagged by the Automated Shopper and a notice provide to confirm the order. [e.g. online shopping already in use by Amazon, Walmart, etc.]
  4. Alternative products will be noted for consideration as they become visible in the marketplace. [e.g. Amazon purchasing recommendations]
  5. Order status, shipping, delivery notices will be sent automatically or available on demand to internal customers, procurement and anyone else designated by the organization. [e.g. UPS notices by Quantum view]
  6. Reconciliation and payment will become increasingly automated for trusted vendors and internal users. [e.g. blockchain communication links and payment portals]
  7. Organization equipment can be identified to the online shopping tool, that will then provide a customized menu of available parts and maintenance items [e.g. Amazon Garage]

How can we get there? Start by asking direct questions of your suppliers and then writing requirements in a way that allow innovative suppliers to provide enhanced service. If the implementation issues and costs seem overwhelming – share the concern and let suppliers offer solutions to eases the change process. You can find a list of some suggested questions and a few more examples in my presentation line:  http://www.mltweb.com/handouts/next_level_2018.pdf  Also more of my opinions and articles on my web site at www.mltweb.com  and handouts from other programs at http://www.mltweb.com/handouts/index.htm

The jargon-free guide to computer and internet security

Keeping current with computer security is an important task for all of us.  Here is a link to a blog that might help.

 This link was sent to me as a proposed update for a non-working link in one of my old newsletters. (from 2009).  I generally have given up updating the old newsletter links assuming that most people today would know how to locate appropriate information using a search engine such as Google. The old newsletters are archived here in case you want to browse them. http://www.mltweb.com/news/index.htm  Mike

2018-2019 ISM-CB Board of Directors

Participating in a leadership role on the board is not only a great way to expand your knowledge of the operations of our local association, but also to further network with purchasing professionals in our area. The idea of an additional commitment can be a little scary with our busy lives and schedules, but in reality, most of the time, the commitment is limited to a single meeting for an hour and half each month outside of the regular dinner meeting.

If you have a desire to participate, but can’t commit to a regular time schedule, please let us know and we can accommodate you and help you build on your career goals and objectives.

Please contact any member of our leadership team to discuss how you can get involved.

Leadership team: http://www.ismcb.org/about/2018-19_ismcbbod.pdf

CPSM exam preparation - offered by ISM Spokane

Location: Classes will be held via GoTo Meeting with a conference call. GoTo Meeting invitations with access codes will be sent to registered attendees on the Tuesday before each class.

  • Time: 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM on Wednesday nights beginning October 3, 2018
  • Cost: $99 for the 4 week session. Register with Thea Prince at (509) 625-6403.
  • Materials:
  • CPSM Study Guide from ISM is required.
  • CPSM Exam Self-Study Workbook from ISM is optional.
  • CPSM Diagnostic Kit from ISM is optional but recommended.
  • These materials can be ordered from ISM at www.ism.ws 
  • Class schedule:
  • Oct. 3 CPSM Study Guide Book 2 pages 1 – 48 (Tasks 2-A-1 thru 2-B-2)
  • Oct. 10 CPSM Study Guide Book 2 pages 49 - 108 (Tasks 2-B-3 thru 2-C-3)
  • Oct. 17 CPSM Study Guide Book 2 pages 109 - 156 (Tasks 2-C-4 thru 2-F-1)
  • Oct. 24 CPSM Study Guide Book 2 pages 157 – 210 (Tasks 2-F-2 thru 2-H-3)


October NCMA Education Event

October 11, 2018 - 11:30 AM - 1:00 PMCourtyard by Marriott Richland Columbia Point

This summer President Trump signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for fiscal year 2019.  Alan Ritter will attempt to make sense out of the headlines and show how you can position your business to avoid problems and get a leg up on competitors.   Read more details

NCMA Seminar: Pricing & Negotiating Commercial Item Contracts

Topic Summary:  Pricing & Negotiating Commercial Item Contracts, an accelerated, comprehensive one-day course will provide hands-on experience in how commercial item contracts are priced and negotiated. Participants will work in buyer and seller teams (either government-to-industry or business-to-business perspectives) to perform the following tasks:

Speaker  John Robinson is the Director of Supply Chain Management at CH2M HILL Plateau Remediation Company. His organization of highly skilled professionals manage in excess of $150M in annual procurement volume that includes areas of procurement planning, material management, purchasing card program, and contracts and purchase orders. Mr. Robinson is responsible for integrating the supply chain to meet user needs and provide value to the CHPRC project and government client. His organization ensures that every good or service acquired meets applicable technical, quality, and process standards.

WHEN November 08, 2018  7:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Each attendee will earn 7 continuing education hours by attending this full-day seminar.

Registration form and more information: https://ncmacolumbiabasin.com/meetinginfo.php?id=40

Registration Fees
Advance (By 10/25/2018)
Member Price: $185
Non-Member Price: $285
New Member Price: $335 ($150 membership payable to NCMA/NES registration-separate payments only)

Regular (After 10/25/2018)
Member Price: $200
Non-Member Price: $300
New Member Price: $350 ($150 membership payable to NCMA/NES registration-separate payments only)

ISM-CB Education Exchange - building a professional network.
Share educational opportunities and the benefits of an expanded professional network with your colleagues. Many professional organizations offer valuable educational opportunities. Most welcome non-members to participate.

American Society for Quality :  www.asq614.org/

Procurement Technical Assistance Center.
Washington PTAC - February Government Contracting Opportunities, News, & Events
Ashley Coronado  PTAC Government Contracting Assistance Specialist
Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce, Kennewick

The Institute For Internal Auditors, Mid-Columbia Chapter

National Contract Management Association (NCMA)
 NCMA web site: http://ncmacolumbiabasin.com/index.html

NCMA Newsletters: https://ncmacolumbiabasin.com/Documents

Institute For Management Accountants
 IMA web site: http://ima.labworks.org/

ISM-Spokane https://ismspokane.org/

ISM - Western Washington https://www.ismww.org/

ISM- Portland-Vancouver: http://ismpv.com/

ISM-CB professional network exchange is our way of encouraging communication and discussion among our members. Sharing information, expertise and experience are just some of the many benefits of membership. Networking with other members is a great way to build a professional support team.

ISM-CB Education Opportunity Calendar 2018-2019
BOD Planning calendar - send program suggestions to President@ismcb.org

August, 21 2018 ISM-CB Business & BOD Planning Meeting
All members invited & welcome

Location: Round Table Pizza, Richland , contact: Kyle Root
Sept. 11, 2018 Networking Meeting
location: Applebees, Kennewick. ISM-CB Champion: Kyle Root
Sept. 18, 2018 ISM-CB Business & BOD Planning Meeting
All members invited & welcome

Location: Round Table Pizza, Richland , contact: Kyle Root
Oct. 9, 2018 Management Panel
Location: Applebees, Kennewick, ISM-CB Champion:  Kyle RootTBD
Oct. 16, 2018 ISM-CB Business & BOD Planning Meeting
All members invited & welcome

Location: Round Table Pizza, Richland , contact: Kyle Root
Nov. 13, 2018 Program: Statements of Work,  Rob Miles
Location: TBD, ISM-CB Champion:  Brian Hersch
Nov. 20, 2018 ISM-CB Business & BOD Planning Meeting
All members invited & welcome

Location: Round Table Pizza, Richland , contact: Kyle Root
Dec. 11, 2018 Board Meeting -
program skipped to avoid holiday conflicts
Dec. 18, 2018 ISM-CB Business & BOD Planning Meeting
All members invited & welcome

Location: Round Table Pizza, Richland , contact: Kyle Root
January 11,  2019 After Holiday Social
Location: TBD, ISM-CB Champion:  Cory Miller
Jan 15, 2019 ISM-CB Business & BOD Planning Meeting
All members invited & welcome

Location:  TBD,    contact: Kyle Root
Feb. 12, 2019 Regional Economic Impact
Location: Country Gentleman, ISM-CB Champion:  Scott Williams
Feb. 19, 2019 ISM-CB Business & BOD Planning Meeting
All members invited & welcome

Location:  TBD,    contact: Kyle Root
March 12, 2019 Risk Management (hedging & derivatives as cost control tools)
location: TBD, ISM-CB Champion:  Brian Hersch
March 19, 2019 ISM-CB Business & BOD Planning Meeting
All members invited & welcome

Location:  TBD,    contact: Kyle Root
April 2019 Plant Tour - TBD
Location: TBD, ISM-CB Champion:  TBD
April 16, 2019 ISM-CB Business & BOD Planning Meeting
All members invited & welcome

Location:  TBD,    contact: Kyle Root
May 2019 Seminar - TBD
ISM-CB Champion:  Brian Hersch
May 21, 2019 ISM-CB Business & BOD Planning Meeting
All members invited & welcome

Location:  TBD,    contact: Kyle Root
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